Patricia & Clemente

Being part of this wedding was wonderful.They  Kept their celebration  very intimate with their closest family and friends. The location of their venue in Tampa was very unique. They also decided to do it outdoors, which it’s so much for fun because, natural lighting it’s just so wonderful to work with. I loved being part of their wedding, we all felt comfortable and it was a breeze working with them. Really enjoyed this day.Read more

Karolina & Matt

This  lovely couple came from Poland where they decided to tie the knot with the sand beneath their toes. They decided to keep it small,  simple yet beautiful and elegant. It shows how being in love and being together it’s all it matters. It was an honor to capture this moment for others to see it back home!  Read more

Niki & Alex

I enjoyed taking photos of this fun silly couple that know how to enjoy life. They were beyond amazing and I was glad I met them. There is nothing but laughter and happiness surrounded by them.Read more

Kim & Ryan

Kim and Ryan celebrated their commitment to each other before leaving to Germany. It was beautiful wedding near the beach in Port St. Lucy, FLRead more

Mattie & Naresh

This was an amazing experience, this wedding made me fall in love ! It was such a beautiful ceremony, full of color and details. Not to mention it lasted three days long. Mattie was very nervous and was not able to see her fiance until the third day of the wedding ceremony but at the end the wait was worth it.  Read more