Jackie and Wylordean

This wedding was honor to do. This was my best friends wedding and I couldn’t hold my tears, now to think about it…I always cry during weddings! I just love seeing two people get together and make that promise to always be there for each other. Of course this was a little more personal and it really touched my heart. The only thing I truly wish for everyone is for them to be happy. I really do believe everyone should have someone to love unconditionally. Specially if it’s someone so close to you. I was going through a hundred emotions. I was happy, nervous, filled with joy. You name it! but I was mostly happy that they found each other and all I can think was, I just wish them good luck, health, tons of love and prosperity. Now, they are actually starting a family of their own. It’s beautiful how things fall in to placeLSP_1681.jpg.LSP_1624.jpg